Where does your adventure begin?


Upzone is a unique experience where visitors get to test on high altitude courses, zipline, combat archery tag or mobile escape games. With an activity up among the treetops in Luleå, Åhus, Ängelholm, and Borås, the opportunities are many.


In recent years, UpZone has taken land in Borås and other parts of Sweden but felt the need to move on to find new visitors who wanted to test their activities. The purpose of this commercial is to show all the possibilities with UpZone and deliver a great feeling. To cover the entire UpZone business, we had to travel the country to find the gold grains that make UpZone what it is. A fantastic meeting place for all ages.


By building up the concept “Where does your adventure begin?” Together with UpZone, both a new slogan and a commercial were produced. With a focus on laughter, challenge and nature, a commercial was created for use on the website, social media, and campaigns. Is your company also in need of a swing out in the market to grow your brand? Contact us here.