Textile Fashion Center
Designing the future in Borås


Textile Fashion Center, the center of innovation, education, and development. A place where people meet and inspire. By creating a strong meeting place for both education, innovation, and business, the center has become Borås centerpiece.


In recent years, the Textile Fashion Center has grown both internally and externally with many new assignments and challenges. A need to connect all parts of the center and create a sense of community-led to the development of this film. The challenge was to cover all parts of the house’s operations in one film with a production time of one week. Future, innovation, and textiles were the main words when the film was produced.


Through a high-quality film that represents both education, business and innovation, we together with the consulting company Sansibar managed to capture the feeling of the center. Interviews, voiceovers and movie clips from all parts of the center made the film represent Textile Fashion Center and created a broader community between the components of the house.