Södra Älvsborgs Räddningstjänstförbund
Do again, but do right


Södra Älvsborgs Räddningstjänstförbund conducts rescue services in 6 municipalities and works to save lives and property in Södra Älvsborg. We created our first film with SÄRF in 2020 and together we have produced innovative films that show more than just fire and fires.


Our biggest challenge was to create a recognition factor when it comes to accidents linked to drowning accidents. We needed to send out a message through the camera lens about what is wrong and the right decision in different situations in a nice and clear way.


By having clear dialogues between the actors in the different situations, a clarity is created for the viewers. We filmed in places that are clearly connected to places people often are in the summer. The music in the film was toned down from serious to a positive feeling which was a good transition from wrong to right decision.

Client: SÄRF, Södra Älvsborgs Räddningstjänstförund

Production: Johfors Productions

DIR: Daniel Forsbring

DOP & Edit: Filip Johansson