E-handelsstaden Borås
Work with E-commerce


E-handelsstaden in Borås connects companies and businesses in the e-commerce, logistics and IT-related areas. By being a platform for interaction between the business community, the City of Borås, the University of Borås, and other educational actors, their vision is for the Borås region to be the Nordic region's obvious e-commerce city.


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E-handelsstaden wanted to produce a series of films to publish on social media in their initiative - "Work with E-commerce". In the films, the customer wanted our film team to follow three former students at their current workplaces to show the breadth of opportunities that exist in education to work with e-commerce in the future.


In close collaboration with the E-handelsstaden, three films with the same theme were produced. By highlighting three real-life stories in e-commerce, we captured the feeling and created materials that were perfectly suited to use in their digital channels. 


Read more about E-handelsstaden at ehandelsstaden.se