Borås Hockey
The moment you live for


Borås Hockey wanted to create a film to make the audience and the player group engaged. Motivation, sweat and tears were the focus when we were given the task of creating an engaging film for Borås Hockey.


To attract visitors to Borås Hockey, it is not enough for the players to deliver on the hockey pitch. More is needed. They were about creating a sense of community and team spirit that attracts new and old visitors to participate in the games. Borås Hockey also did not want a traditional film when the players enter the hockey rink. They wanted to create emotion and a feeling of commitment.


To be a part of Borås Hockey is to be part of a team. A sense of community and participation. That’s why we came up with the concept ”The moments you live for”. We wanted to get a close and genuine picture of Borås Hockey that motivates players, audiences, and employees of the club. To create a motivating and inspirational hockey environment, we worked a lot with lighting to create the perfect environment that represents the film’s message. To create further emotion, a voiceover was produced with the players’ own words about their motivation. With the help of lighting, smoke and a strong voiceover, an effective and inspiring film were produced that captivates players and audiences before each match.


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